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Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 2 - Surviving on Pills

Mom, dad and Douggie are in the kitchen eating God only knows what - yeah, you guys are lucky I'm stuffed up ;) I'm happy to be home but miserable. I need 2000 calories a day! Today, day 2 in recovery, I've had 1/2 of two Ensure's because I'll take my meds and then be good to go - eat, talk (little bits and pieces) and then they will just wear off and I'm useless, sitting in the living room watching Seinfield, alone, while everyone bonds over ...hmmm... well forget it, I can't smell, remember? ;)

Surgery was successful, from what we can see, and everything looks great. These past few nights really blew for a.) having to call the nurse in every 3 hours because all the intravenous liquids in my system the surgeon requested and my catheter just being taken out so I can't tell there's more in that bladder and if I don't call the nurse the machine goes beep beep beep -------- or b.) because I couldn't breathe/blow my nose. Nights seem to be the most bothersome in terms of pain and annoyance. Speaking of annoyance, nurses who pretend they don't understand jaw surgery patients are very bitter, irritating people. Sure, maybe I don't make perfect sense but the lady taking care of me immediately out of surgery knew just what I needed and monitored me around the clock , versus the next one who comes in after her shift who doesn't know anything - literally, anything- sure, let's put the new nurse in to look after the people who need the most help by completing ignoring them unless they speak perfect English to them! And then she can't read or she pretends she can't read. True my handwriting on Vicodin was a little iffy but if you try you might find a word or two outta it.

I gave in and took a few self-photos on my MacBook for my own perusal. Ewwwwey. I might post them if I'm feeling braisen, okay wrong word according to my Mac and noone to ask what the correct word is....ugh. Well back to socializing, aka watching Sex and the City with mom, dad and Doug and them being confused as to why we are watching, and me iced up and swollen and slowly sucking in these nutrients, one at a time.

Until next time. :)

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