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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 14 - Doug Visits with Pizza Hut :)

Well, well, well, what do we have here... It appears to me that today is my two week anniversary since my double-jaw surgery! Time sure flies by when you are having fun, and drinking your meals straight up on the rocks, blended to smithereens. I have to say I really got fed up today with my blended mac n' cheese. After slobbering all over myself for a good thirty minutes, I gave up. I figure I'll chug an extra Ensure later today, as I seem to have no problem getting those little milkshakes down in five minutes or less. A few days after surgery I was feeling experimental, but now I'm simply tired of cleaning out the blender and chancing on whether or not whatever I blend up will be edible or not. When in doubt....have an Ensure :)

However, Doug is coming over tonight with Pizza Hut. I have heard nothing but good things from people who have tried blended pizza, or "blended soup." I will have to add extra sauce to make it blend up smooth, but nonetheless, this sounds delicious! Oh, I am so excited. I think I will make a salad too and blend that up as well.

(5 hours time has elapsed and now I get to announce my verdict on blended pizza.)

Not bad! The only downfall is that it is very difficult to consume a normal amount of pizza. I had one slice, and added one can of tomato sauce and a little bit of apple juice, to properly liquify it. It smelt JUST like Pizza Hut even when it was in liquid form! I suppose it helps that we chose the greasiest pizza we could find :) Hey, it sure serves a purpose when hunting down the best foods to blend up. It was great and there's one slice leftover for tomorrow.
Doug, Dad (and mom) join me for Pizza Night :)
O.K. this may not be how the final result looked, but it did taste the same :)

So, if you happen to find yourself wired shut in the upcoming weeks, months, years, who knows when it could happen, please indulge yourself in this delicious blended creation. I'm not holding back. I'm not going out on any limbs and trying anything too extravagant, but burgers, pizza, spaghetti and sauce, are all typical meals, and all taste great blended up. They are fairly nourishing too and I've even packed on a couple of pounds. I am no longer feeling as decrepit as I was those initial first few days :) Go meat, go meat, or in my case, Go Food, Go Food.

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