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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 13 - Oh, for the Love of Food

It hurts to yawn. I wake up from my three hour nap today, and I can't stop yawning. Of course it hurts to yawn, for I cannot open my mouth to release my yawn! I am yawning now and it is only 9 pm! Thursday I will be meeting with my surgeon and I will be getting new bands, after having these ones removed briefly, and being allowed to brush my teeth!!! =) I am excited to brush my teeth, but I don't expect them to be too bad as I'm dutifully cleaning after each meal.

Each morning I start off with a Carnation Instant Breakfast, either chocolate or vanilla variety. I've found that using the blender to create something more interesting is simply too much work first thing in the morning, and grabbing a ready-made drink from the fridge is much more accommodating :) It's a great way to start my day by beginning with a hefty dose of 24 vitamins and minerals. These drinks are loaded with good stuff (and tons of sugar). Ensure has 21 vitamins and Boost has the most at 26. Lately, I have been starting my day and ending my day with one of these drinks. Usually around this time of night I venture to the kitchen, partially famished, and not wanting to wake in the early hours of the morning completely starving. I try to go to bed fairly full.

I would be very happy if I could feel my chin. Although this was not bothering me before, it is starting to be quite bothersome. It just feels weird. It's not like I have zero feeling there whatsoever, but there's definitely a weird sensation going on there and also in my nose area. I can tell I do still have a fair amount of swelling going on too. I look square today, and my jaw hurts again. I'm not good with pain. I don't even recall my surgery, (thank God). All I can say is thank goodness for that "cocktail" they gave me just before wheeling me into the operating room. That stuff sure got me good. I feel like my surgery was a dream, it feels so far away. I'm so thankful it is over with and I'm hopeful for my recovery to continue going in a great manner.

My goal of 2000 calories per day consumed is going well, but there are some days that are just a little bit low. I've been keeping track of everything I eat (drink) each day and it looks like I've been having generally five meals each day. I'm going to up the ante tomorrow and try to consume six meals, as I am lacking about 500 calories. It definitely makes it harder to reach this goal when I nap for a good portion of my day, when I could be spending some quality time doing some serious eating! Hopefully my naps will be fewer and less frequent soon.
Today's Mug Shot, 8/30/11 
(Yes, I will eventually take a break from my photo shoots on this couch, not yet, patience my friend =))

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