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Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 9 - Love for Blended Delights!

Just now I tried to seal an envelope but couldn't do it because my tongue is trapped behind my teeth! It is a weird sensation, it is almost like I don't have a tongue at all! Once I grasped the concept that my tongue was nonexistent, mom graciously licked the envelope for me :)  Besides this little inconvenience, I've been pretty self-capable. I prepare my own meals and today I must say I sure got in some high amounts of calories. I started my day out with a chocolate instant breakfast and tossed in a coffee donut to the mix. It was delicious! A bit sweet, but very good considering I'd been craving donuts for some reason... obviously since I cannot have them, you know how it is.

Later on today I made a little pudding snack out of Kozy Shack chocolate pudding, some chocolate milk and half of another donut! I'm going to become a porker but it is okay for now as I need to gain back some of those lost calories. Dinner was great too. I re-heated mom's pork stir-fry with veggies and spaghetti from last night and plopped it all into the blender. It was wonderfully aromatic and went down nice and smooth, it was great! I also made mac n' cheese on the side and added a slice of Velveeta cheese and extra 2% milk. It blended out very well. Mom, dad and Doug tried it too and they all agreed it was great!

My conclusion is that real 100% homemade food works great and tastes the best in the blender, vs. instant food like instant mashed potatoes, which I made the other night and were not very good. Tomorrow for breakfast I'm making the family my famously delicious waffles and tossing some in the blender with a bit of honey, butter and watered down apple juice for me. Apple juice is the perfect juice for blending up foods, (I also used apple juice in my stir-fry dinner tonight).

I love food!!!!! and being wired shut is not going to ruin that. Today I made some awesome blended food and have come to realize that they are not gross or flavorless but quite the opposite - they are flavorful and extraeordinary! They are also so simple! Clean up is so much easier as well. In fact, I'm shocked people consuming blended food on a regular basis isn't the norm ;) Once my jaw isn't wired anymore, I may have to continue on this exciting diet.

Almost forgot!! Dessert! The family whipped out the icecream, (dad says we have to eat it all because of hurricane Irene and we may lose our power) and began chowing down. Even ice-cream I cannot eat. I feel kind of incapable at times. I tried to test the macaronis to see if they were fully cooked and then realized, duh how the heck can I do that???? So anyways, I plopped some chocolate ice-cream in the blender for myself, about three scoops, added whipped cream and chocolate milk, blended it up and poured into my glass. To my surprise, my glass was barely half full! This concerned me. That would mean that in order to have a full glass, one must blend about six scoops! That is a lot of ice-cream which leads us to conclude that ice-cream is mostly full of air, (Okay, dad's conclusion). Nontheless, I finished off this glass, added a large glob of vanilla ice-cream, milk, and whipped cream, pressed blend, poured, and consumed. Wow, can you say porker???? I think I may have maxed out on the calories today but the funny thing is, I do not feel overly full. In fact, I feel slightly hungry. Perhaps this is because when on a liquid diet, you never truly feel deceiving.

This blog post today has been almost entirely made up around the topic of food. Mmmmm how I love food so much!!!

Picture time...
Douggie and Em :) He's so good at taking care of me!!!!
Douggie, mommy and me :)

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