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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 4 - Pain in My Rear

Day #4 in one word: well, it sucked. Nauseous for the better part of the day, but then my wonderful surgeon called and gave me tips and tricks and kind words, and using his helpful hints I was then able to let loose some of the nasty hospital antibiotics my body has been holding inside, yes this might be too much information, but it sure felt good :) Helped with nausea significantly. I noticed bruising on the right part of my face today, but only a small amount, we'll have to see what tomorrow brings. I want food so bad. Mom and dad made spaghetti and meat-sauce tonight, nothing spectacular but it smelt amazingly good. I really wanted some hummus and chips, salad dressing and dad whipped me up a juice in the JuiceMan machine. I couldn't get much down, but it was good, and my first real taste of food :) Wouldn't mind some Lindt Balls, either, thanks dad for constantly eating these things nonstop around me ;) Excited to see surgeon Thursday to eliminate this old blood and ooze from my nose that I am forbidden to touch. Not only will it be significantly easier to breathe, but this old blood up there is a huge factor in nausea that I'm experiencing. Head is currently pounding as doc gave me a new prescription for my nausea and as reading the label I spot a huge MAY CAUSE HEADACHE sign, so it helps with one thing and makes me uncomfortable in another way. Perfect. Hoping tomorrow is a better day. Doug came to see me, here's a photo from tonight :)
Douggie giving Snoops a big sloppy kiss :)

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