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Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 5 - Feeling Fabulous!

I feel great today! Been drinking prune juice regularly since yesterday, and boy has it helped. I think the nasty hospital narcotics are almost out of my system because I am feeling pretty good. I showered this morning without feeling exhausted and didn't have difficulty breathing afterwards either. Mom made me and Ensure vanilla drink with some blended in strawberries. It was delicious. And I thought I'd never eat Ensure again after my hospital stay, but now I realize there are ways to make it taste quite good - too bad the hospital staff didn't think of trying any of those ways out ;)

Feeling much less lethargic without the toxins in me and since I'm consuming much more liquid than I had been. Drinking lots of juice - prune, apple, cranberry, etc. Not a big fan of blended cream of wheat or oatmeal. I think the only reason I enjoined my Ensure smoothie is because the texture that I drank it at was the original texture. Eating something blended like spaghetti just seems so wrong because I've never had it like that before! We shall see though what other blenderized foods are to come.

My face feels extremely tight today, was a pain in the tush last night when trying to sleep. Ice was making it worse, perhaps I should be using heat on it soon...will have to find out. I also do not need my two pillows to prop up my head. I'm still sleeping in the Lazy Boy chair but no extra chunky pillows are necessary :) Breathing is still a pain but looking forward to Thursday once again to clean out the nose gunk.
Hehe, this photo is not real! This was on my Mac using the fun photo settings ;) But, this is pretty close to how I looked right after surgery, and if not, sure most definitely is how my head felt!
Now that is better :) Can you notice a difference between the two pics? ;)

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