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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 7 - Wonton Soup

Today marks one week since surgery, and tomorrow is my first post-operative appointment with my surgeon, which I'm extremely looking forward to so I can get my nostrils cleaned out. I'm ready to sleep in my bedroom again, enough of this Lazy Boy stuff. Bruising today is much less than yesterday, but still in existence. I'm getting discouraged, particularly when I am hungry and can't find anything exciting to eat. However, I did have the best liquid-lunch yet today. I had a cup of blended Wonton soup from our favorite Chinese restaurant. Although low on calories, it was extremely satisfying and reminded me of a time I once knew, pre-surgerical era. I also had a warm bowl full of blended hamburger, tomato sauce and cheese which was great and very good for the protein.

 I didn't luck out much at dinner, as I began with instant mashed potatoes and gravy, but they were way too sweet (and my tolerance for sweet things is steadily decreasing with the amount of milkshakes and ice-cream).  I added chicken afterwards and will reheat and try that for lunch tomorrow. Doug then made me blended egg drop soup but the broth was plain chicken broth and I'm not even sure how to make egg drop soup. I wasn't a huge fan of it.  Doug was being thoughtful though like always and kudos to him for helping me out. Douggie is now gone and it makes me sad. I miss him. Probably because he's the only one who can understand what I'm saying. Pain has been kicking my butt today too, as yesterday it had subsided and I hadn't need much for pain meds. Today at least three doses and two naps were taken. We took a nice sized walk around the block and my energy level is definitely rising. My weight loss is leveling off at around 10 pounds and doesn't seem to be decreasing any further.

 On a positive note, Doug was over for a slumber party last night and we stayed up till 2 am watching Sex and the City :) See, I have to have my jaw broken in order for Doug to withstand that much S.A.T.C! 

My Douggie and I :)

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  1. Awe. Reason to celebrate, one week down!!!!!
    Love, Your Ma


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