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Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 12 - Boost Makes the World go Round'...

Well, we survived the hurricane but other areas were not so lucky! I know people are laughing at how "lame" this storm was, but I guess I am glad that it was lame! If it weren't, we would probably be underwater like Plymouth State right now.  It's sad to see my Alma Matar underwater!

I 93, Exit 25 - Flooding at Plymouth State University from Hurricane Irene

I ventured out for the first time today for an appointment this morning. Dad took me merely because I have orders not to drive for two weeks, and I also figured I probably shouldn't be driving with my hardcore pain meds still in my system. This short period being out was good to break me into the living world of people once again, but was nearly all I could take. Upon coming back home I laid down and snoozed for a good two hours. I wonder when it will be that I do not require daily naps. But then again, even before surgery I also was great at participating in afternoon nap time :) However, it would be nice to have the energy to withstand a days worth of activities with no rest period. 

I took pain meds this morning upon waking (pain is worst in the morning) and attempted to not take any more meds for as long as I could. I made it to 6 pm and gave in. I'm trying to make my bottle last, but I don't feel as if my pain is lessening. Perhaps it will be enough if I only take a morning and evening dose. We'll see how it goes.

I am beginning to start searching for a job, once again.  I would love to find a job now while I am still in recovery, in hopes that I will get a few call backs, not too soon, but in the next few weeks. What was prohibiting me from getting a job prior to surgery, was obviously the surgery. Asking for a few weeks off for recovery was something employers were not thrilled about. I also believe my possible job fields are broadening in which I am potentially interested in. 

Although I am still interested in a writing related occupation, I would love to pursue a career within a non-profit organization. I also, something I previously would never have considered, thought briefly for a moment or two the other day, about being an on-air personality, or a reporter, once my whole mouth situation is healed up and taken care of. Basically, I am open to pretty much anything. Shockingly, I briefly considered becoming an LNA too. Doug has discussed taking the LNA course after he experienced some not-so-professional nursing staff looking after me at the hospital. Something which totally grossed me out before surgery, somewhat interests me now as I am much more aware of the growing need for qualified, intelligent, dedicated and caring nursing staff.

My jaw feels okay, but I can definitely feel some pain when using my Waterpik. My surgeon said to not use the Waterpik in the top-front area of my mouth in the gum area, above my two front teeth. I know why too, because it hurts when I am even remotely in that area and I have a feeling from my level of pain, exactly where my incisions are. Also, doc kind of showed me. He said that the bottom chin area is fair game. But outer areas of my lips, and all the way around the top of my mouth should pretty much be left alone. I'm okay with listening to his orders because I really don't need to mess with any incisions or stitches. I am however systematically cleansing my mouth. After each meal, I'm doing the salt water rinse. I use my prescription mouthwash morning and night, and I use my Waterpik at least three times daily. My diet is no longer a problem and I think I may have a slight addiction to Ensure. This stuff is good when you aren't forced to drink it.

Lunch time today: Ended with a Strawberry Boost w/ banana, and began with Progresso Italian Meatball Soup - Was yummy and blended up perfectly! 

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