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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!!!

2013 has left the building!! Here is to a happy, healthy and exciting new year for my family and yours ! 

A quick recap of the year 2013... Doug and I got married in October in our college town where we met. Family from all over attended the celebration and it was a fun weekend of hanging out with everyone! 

We then headed to Florida for a honeymoon week of fun in the sun.

We even got to meet up with some family on Doug's side who carted us around and showed us the sights :)

We were fortunate to spend New Years Eve with good friends and family, eating Chinese food and playing board games. :) 

My maid of honor, left, and good friend on the right ringing in the new year with us.

Hope your night was excellent, too and year 2014 super! 

For those of you still following the jaw portion of this blog, everything is a-okay! 
I do hope I don't have to have the screws that are imbedded in my jaws ever removed...but as of now everything is great. 

New Years Resolutions

2013 was a great year that included getting married as well as being fortunate to have a few professional opportunities including more writing opportunities, as well as a much needed full time job in a tough economy. 

For 2014 I have set goals but no resolutions. A wise friend on Facebook wrote "I'm not making any resolutions this year other than to enjoy it. Putting pressure on 2014 right from the start isn't the way to welcome it."

I found this wise and have adopted this attitude this year.

HAVE FUN in 2014!! I plan to tap into my creative side more. Do more reading, play more piano, listen to music more and find time to write more on my blogs.

Be adventurous and spontaneous, I want to go ice skating, tubing,  this year, and Doug and I plan to hit the slopes and do some skiing, too!

I’m 25 so I want to LIVE MY LIFE in 2014. We are looking to buy a condo this year after spending three years in our cozy apartment, we hope to find a new place to call home. If we buy a condo, awesome for us. Which we probably will. If we don’t,  we have next year for that :)

If you made resolutions this year, what are they?? Hope all your goals and dreams come true this year!! 

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