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Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 1 - Jaw Surgery was a Success

Waiting for mom and dad to come take me home! Spent 2 nights in the hospital - both nights extremely hard sleeping conditions and I must say first time I looked in the mirror I scared myself. My face is huge. Haven't been brave enough to look inside yet, my surgeon has briefly though. He's the best! He came each morning around 7 am to make sure I was okay. He even called last night at 10 pm to check in on me and recommended my nurse give me a special breathing mask to help with the gunk in my nose. Well, at first it worked great. I was so freezing, and woke up and my room was blowing hot air in and I had a mask on my nose, it was wicked comfortable until I had to pee.....then I couldn't get back in position and it didn't help that my room door was partially shut after -- as the warm air was coming in from the hallway or something. My bed the first night was wicked comfortable and had a little tv in front me, for wherever I wanted it. This bed last night sucked. My television, for some reason, is located in the top far left corner, and I just had jaw surgery, what sense does that even make. I didn't watch much tele considering I didn't wanna break my neck in the process, figured my jaw was enough :) I played on my Mac a bit from Douggie, who was great, by the way. Him and my parents spent all day Wednesday here and a good portion of the day Thursday, although I woulda loved someone to spend the night with me last night ;) Going home today, YAYYY ! My buttocks are sore, my spelling is poor (thanks Vicodin) and I have a fat face :) Almost forgot, Doug got me a cuddly snoopy!! My nurse made sure to tuck in "my dog" each time I'd lay down last night :)

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