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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 3 - Snoopy Love

Day 3 is here, and this means swelling should be peaking as 72 hours is approaching.  I'm starting to miss food, a lot. But besides that I really can't think of anything bad or inconvenient about this whole thing. To begin with, I don't remember surgery at all, and the parts I do remember, such as preparing for surgery or resting up afterwards were uncomfortable, tiring, and nerve-wracking, but not painful. So, what I read previously, before undergoing jaw surgery was that it's not painful, but uncomfortable and I'm here to confirm this statement is indeed true. I've been staying on top of them pain meds and even managed to pull off a 7 hour of sleep kind of night! And my day has only gotten started....think I may take a nap outside in the shade today too, it seemed to help with my sinuses.

I've had a little bit of watered down cream of wheat this morning, which tasted like buttermilk, which isn't bad, but not something I would want to chug down regularly... Each day lately I've been having a different liquid, yesterday I maxed out on the Ensure and today Cream of Wheat, for now anyways... Today is also prune juice day to get these bowels going! :)

It can be challenging getting liquids down at times, but other times it is a piece of cake. My meds make me so drowsy too so I'm trying to wean myself off of them unless it's needed or at night or take some of the lower dosage non-narcotics stuff, but most definitely none of that crushed Vicodin - man, that stuff has got to be the worst tasting crap I've ever had. And with a wired shut it takes grossness to a whole new level.

Firsts for today will include trying of the water pick which was fairly successful, (will be better off when I can open my mouth a bit wider), baby toothbrush and prescription mouthwash. These items significantly reduced the deadly odor emanating out of my mouth upon waking this morning :)

I miss Douggie, but in his place is my Snoopy who is soft and cuddly and a great companion for any jaw surgery recoverer :) I've attached photos of me and my puffy, slowly reducing in-swelling face and my smiling Snoopy. He's even softer than he looks :)
Love, Em & Snoops


  1. You look thrilled Em! Glad you're so upbeat about everything and not melting away in a couch somewhere! =]

  2. Snoopy makes everything better!!!! =)


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