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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 6 - Love for Vaseline

Day six is almost over and my lips are the greatest sign of improvement today, as I've been constantly slathering Vaseline onto the cuts and splices. I also resisted the urge to yank off the dead skin when I could, because someone mentioned to be cautious in that these areas of "dead skin" since they may in- fact be stitches. When applying Vaseline today, I look at the tissue and laying there is all my dead skin which was so cool. I have flawless new lips, it is great! Still waiting on this nose of mine, way too congested and full of dried blood for my own good....

Doug came up today and is here to spend some time and help me out. We took a very short little walk around the circle, at a snails pace, but my energy is rapidly increasing. My bruises on my face have spread to my neck region, and from there they will disappear within the next week or so. I am looking more and more normal each day. My bite looks awesome. I'm numb though, so I'll feel like my mouth is hanging open, as it was most of the time prior to surgery, and then realize that it is actually closed.

I am getting very tired of milkshakes, Carnation Instant Breakfast, and Ensure. Not that these products aren't good; mixed up with strawberries it is a delicious concoction, but I do need variety in my diet, and not to mention these foods really bloat me up! Dinner tonight we blended a burger with some tomato sauce and melted cheese, and it came out relatively good. Hopefully this will add some meat to my bones as I have already lost 10 pounds. I'm not worried, as it was expected from the minimal amounts of food I ate at the hospital and those first days after surgery. Now that my appetite is basically back to how it was pre-surgery, I'm mostly gain to try any blended delight, at least once. If it's good I'll gladly try it again. We've been a bit experimental so far. I've had blended grilled chicken, milk and pasta which was probably not my favorite, although dad would like me to believe that he thought it was great :) I offered him my syringe.

I'm hotter than Haites. Last night I woke at 3 am with my pajamas completely drenched.  I'm trying to avoid afternoon naptime. This hasn't been difficult because I am so bored and tired of sleeping. My hunger is kicking in again. Every few hours I must eat or I feel out of whack.
Swelling has gone way, way down. Bite is looking great. Waiting for bruising to dissipate.

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