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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 8 - Get out the Bling

Dad dragged me out to Sam's today to get provisions for the hurricane. Then he leaves me in the middle of the store with the cart chalked high with goods. Typical. But I survived. I had my well-awaited first post-operative appointment with my surgeon today and it was the best feeling to get rid of my nose junk. I can breathe easily now. He cleaned my mouth out and gave me the a-okay to use my water pick on the teeth and just above the teeth, but not any further, as that is where all my stitches are. He commented that I'm still pretty swollen but that it'll be decreasing gradually. I'm not too worried about my degree of swelling. Compared to what it was before, I think I look fine now. People who don't know me wouldn't think any different; only that I may be a little special since I can't talk. This may be why I would've preferred dad didn't abandon me in Sam's Club today.

My face is a bit tingly in the chin, right nostril regions and lips, but it is not a major concern for me at this point. I'm getting more range with my mouth and can open it a tiny bit now. My family still suffers trying to understand my own little language I've created but I think they'll get used to. When I was a small child my parents couldn't understand me then either :)

I'm feeling healthier each day but trying not to push my limits. I need naps each day. I wasn't around to take a nap today and almost fell asleep in the surgeons chair. I'm yawning profusely now and it hurts to do so, so I should sleep soon. My diet today wasn't bad and consisted of a few Ensure's/ Carnation Instant Breakfasts'. I've come to find that these products are not bad but perhaps take an acquired taste in order to have them so regularly. They definitely are handy to have in the morning or for a snack when I don't feel like straining my brain to come up with an interesting concoction. This way I play it safe by drinking something I know is at least edible and loaded with vitamins and minerals and a hefty amount of calories. I'm supposed to get 2000 calories a day. I've been keeping track and it seems I've been getting about 1600 which isn't bad at all, considering this was my first week getting used to my new routine. 

Doc weighed me and I'm at 104, down from 112 pre-operative which is not bad at all.

Now time for some pictures....

Look, I am smiling a little 
Check out the bling!!!! (Doc's orders)

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