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Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 72 - Bosco

Mom brought home this chocolate syrup goodness one day and my life has never been the same since. I simply add it to a wholesome glass of milk and bam, my previously innocent and chocolate-lacking beverage has been transformed. I like how I can monitor the chocolate level and rev it up or minimize my chocolate intake... if that were ever needed, although I'm not sure why I would want to have less chocolate in my life. I found a Bosco recipe on their website and it's super easy to make. Stay tuned for future news of my Bosco cake. I'm sure it will be fabulous as I've been seeking out a perfect chocolate cake recipe with ideal levels of moiste-ness, and chocolate syrup may be the ingredient I had been missing.
Add Bosco Chocolate Syrup to your milk, dessert or bake into recipes.

Doug is healing up well after his wisdom-teeth removal, so now we are both almost entirely patched up and back to normal. I'm wearing two rabbit (the small size) elastics currently 24/7 but removed for eating and brushing. However, this ratio of time spent wearing versus having them off has been tweaked slightly. I spoke to my surgeon who suggested I remove them for a few hours each day. The current placement of the elastics is for strengthening purposes. My jaws are quite strong (according to my surgeon) and my elastics wearing have been reimplemented by the orthodontist. This coming week's ortho appointment will reveal the next step. If I'm able to open my mouth wide enough for work to be done then they will surely be satisfied. But somehow, when jaws are forcibly closed for the majority of hours each day, they do not want to open much when they are allowed to do so. I guess they are expecting a miracle on Thursday. Let's hope the one centimeter current opening will be doubled by my enormous amount of food I enjoy eating and daily mouth stretching exercises.

After reviewing my last blog post, I just realized I have forgot to mention that we got approved for our apartment. Our background and credit checks passed and we are moving into our new home (a place to call our own) on November 15, just in time for Thanksgiving. I would love to spend the holiday in our new place and prepare our first festive holiday meal. Sure it will be a lot of work but it will be a whole lot of fun to use all of our appliances and have everyone over.

The job market (as you probably know) is still looking meek, weak and depressing. I don't like saying "the economy" because what does that even mean? It's boring talk, like the stuff they speak of on those financial channels that only old people watch. Truth be told though, there are few jobs. I'm cherishing my current job and working hard because it's all I, or anyone, can do. I read somewhere that old tactics and tricks used for finding a job in a good economy are not going to work anymore. You must up the ante and try harder, work harder, be smarter and be so much better. Kiss ass even if it hurts. That's my tidbit of inspiration for tonight but I'll leave you with one thought. Don't get discouraged because that won't get you anywhere either. If you don't want to take my word for it, fine, but take Lucy's!

One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn't pay to get discouraged.  Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.

~Lucille Ball

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 62 - The Best Part of the Muffin

I figured I would write a blog post today and utilize my downtime. I'm bad at the blog thing when I don't have excessive amounts of free-time. I figure one post every week or so should be sufficient. Doug had his wisdom teeth removed this morning and I'm here taking good care of him. Who else would know all about oral surgery and the recovery period, than I? I must say, upon seeing Doug in recovery I couldn't help but smile and be glad that he didn't have his jaws broken but only two stubborn teeth removed. I also smiled when the surgeon mentioned that Doug was a tough guy and that he had to supply extra drugs to put him under because apparently he was giving the doc hell. Hmm... I'll have to find out more later but I am aware of how defensive he sometimes gets when medical persons get too close to him! Ha.

Prior to taking more meds, I made him some delicious instant mashed potatoes, and I'm in love -- they look like fish food before cooking and take only a minute or two to make! My favorite moment is when you add the flakes and they settle into the liquid and instantly become mashed potatoes. I'm in such awe at this revelation because I grew up in a family that did not eat instant potatoes. But, since I'll be moving out of aforementioned family's house very soon, (we found an apartment and are still waiting on appending approval as we are first time leasers and have an established move-in date set for November 14, I will certainly be stocking up on the instant mashed potatoes! After all, something has got to fill up all the empty cabinets!
Doug resting peacefully, and me staying current on my blog.

I'm not sure where I left off in my last post, but I'm now done, cold-turkey with wearing my rubber elastics. This past week I resumed with wearing one sole elastic on my front teeth while sleeping. My surgeon suggested this because my surgical hooks should presumably be removed Wednesday by the ortho and it's wise to use these hooks while we have them! (Two weeks ago I visited the ortho but was unable to open my mouth wide enough to accomplish anything -- Fortunately I have more range now and this week's appointment is looking promising).

My next appointment with my surgeon isn't scheduled until December, so I'll be taking a break from the weekly or bi-weekly visits. My swelling particularly in the chin and cheeks is decreasing at a steady rate.  My weight is gradually going back up and I can now eat cheeseburgers after slicing them finely and forking in bite sized pieces.

Pork and crunchy vegetables are still no-no's but that's fine with me. Never was a big fan of either one.

What's not to like about 30 Rock, starring my favorite Tina Fey (Liz Lemon)??????
Do check it out. The best part of the muffin....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 50 - Regurgitation and Slobbering

Yikes, it's been a week since my last blog post! To my defense, I had a busy week. This past weekend consisted of exciting wedding festivities to celebrate the wedding of my cousin. This event was my first big event since surgery and I managed to scarf down a select few food items. I was appreciative of their gateway into mealtime with delicious soup, I think it was called Italian Wedding. I easily consumed this as well as soft rolls and scrumptious chocolate cupcake for dessert. The main entree was difficult to get down without whole-swollowing chicken but I did okay. Especially since I whole-swallowed probably a dozen little cheese chunks prior to dinner. Whole-swallowing, although not recommended, works decently well.

The night prior at the pre-wedding festivities, Doug and I escaped for a short time to the pizza shop next door (for me to avoid awkward eating pictures of me inhaling food in its entirety). Cut into tiny pieces and partially de-cheesed, pizza (with an abundance) of water can pass through the esophagus nicely. But I sure had one heck of a tummy ache the next day. 
Doug and I after the ceremony testing out the alter ;)

I'm happy to say I can partially chew now. I'm still gumming things down but without thinking much I can get pasta down. Lucky for me spaghetti is our main staple in this house.

The seasons are changing and I'm freezing my end off. Mom and dad don't like to put the heat on until after Christmas. Well not quite but seriously here, I'm cold. How about you invest in a fireplace heat exchanger and save moments of complaints from number one daughter? These are nifty because they help build up amazing heat in the fireplace while making sure to keep smoke from coming into your home.

Monday night was my last night wearing elastic bands and I'm currently bandless. I had my orthodontist appointment Wednesday but not much could be done. I can only open my mouth the smallest amount and wires could not be changed. They did replace my stained front brackets that had got a little nasty while being wired shut. I've also been given a week off from my weekly sugery post-op visits. I'll be seeing the surgeon in five days to see how everything is going. My orthodontist remarked that my bite right now looks fantastic, but that could change and I may have to wear elastics again. Oh give me a break. Now you would think that since I'm robotically assembled with nuts and bolts that nothing is able to move but I guess anything is possible. Only time will tell...

Today is day 50 in my recovery from jaw surgery. My first day back to work was this past Tuesday. It took me long enough and my finances are kicking me in the butt for taking my sweet time going back to work. Five hour shifts of work are perfect right now as eating (shoveling food through my tiny opening) in front of co-workers is not ideal. Although one co-worker today commented that she has successfully raised her children, implying that my regurgitation and slobbering during meal time is nothing to be ashamed of.

Future blog posts will be written on a need-to-write basis meaning that they'll be posted for important, worth-mentioning topics. Since I'm back working, my downtime (excessive sleeping) has been replaced with hours of productivity. Although I consider my blog productive, the world still continues if I don't post. I think. My jaw is doing fabulous today besides the remaining numbness in my chin which hasn't disappeared yet. Massage is said to stimulate circulation so when washing my face I pay particular attention to the numb areas.

While paying attention to my numb parts of my face, I do so in front of my little bedroom mirror. I've always wanted a vanity mirror that comes part of a vanity bedroom set. Different sizes, colors and materials can be used in creating the perfect one for you. Many cheap vanities are available. Cool lights are fun accessories too to have while using your vanity mirror. Have you ever considered possini lighting to give your room some sparkle? Add glow with different color hues. From traditional to extraordinary, different lighting options are available from chandeliers to table lamps. Explore your options and put some color into your world.