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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 10 - Preparing for Irene!

I'm writing this post now, just in case Irene is as bad as she may be, although I really, really hope she isn't. I would love to not lose power and not have all my lovely blended concoctions go to waste... Mom did get me a couple 6 packs of Boost today though, in the event that we were to lose power for a while.

Today is going pretty well and I am loving my new face more and more each day. I successfully made blended waffles this morning and they were just as good as I had hoped! I first made my family their share, and then blended two for myself after buttering and adding honey to them, and adding a good amount of apple juice to help mix it all up. Typically, I can eat about four of my waffles, but when they are in liquid form it can be difficult to drink all that liquid, as two waffles plus the apple juice ended up being one full glass of liquid. I saved two yummy waffles and will heat them up and have for a snack later. I'm hoping to use up a few meals in the fridge in case we lose power, such as leftover stir-fry and spaghetti, mac n' cheese, broccoli cheddar soup and some chocolate, oatmeal smoothie.

I am pooped! Nap time. Will post more later if something extremely Earth-shattering happens, otherwise I'll be back after Irene! Be good everyone!

and today's photo moment :) 

Pretty flowers sent from my Orthodontist! :)

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