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Friday, February 10, 2012

Breaking News - Jaw Surgery to Bargadacious Beauty Aficionado

Today is day 178 on my jaw surgery blog. I've decided I do not want to neglect (delete) this blog and by continuing to utilize it I can therefore make updates about my jaw on here occasionally, while transferring the primary topic to beauty!!!!!!!! I spend the majority of my excess cash (money not spent on bills) on beauty stuff, whether it is hair products, makeup or fabulous things that make my skin glow, or heck, even a pair of new kicks and this is probably the reason I've survived working in retail the past eight years. It's what keeps me going!  I must add though that the thrill for me is getting the aforementioned items at an unspeakable price because that is what makes these products worthwhile.

Anyone who wants to unsubscribe to my blog, no hard feelings, I do understand that there are people whose skin is too fabulous for words and are not interested in expert advice. I would have reverted to my original blog (Emily's Blog) but with less than 300 views and my jaw surgery blog at almost 3000, I get the feeling that people are more interested in procedures to break ones jaw then my everyday life . Try Googling Operation Break My Jaw and you'll see I am the first result shown! I do realize that I will also be gaining viewers inadvertently who are seeking out jaw surgery related info, but all my jaw stuff from six months ago is still present on this blog and once again I'll update about my jaw from time to time. Cheers!

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