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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bargadacious Sketchers Sneakers

Sketchers Shape-Ups retail value is $60 on Amazon, originally $25 at Tjmaxx, and this week final clearanced for $10. Bargain! The pink color (additional pink laces included) gives the sneaks a little something extra and the Shape-Up design is made to simulate walking in soft sand. 

Arched in the sole, proper posture when walking is to rock from heel to toe. These shoes are designed for a low-intensity workout and all-day wear. They are extremely comfortable and are designed to help tone up the buttocks, calves, abdomen, and back.

Sketchers Shape-Ups XF (Extended Fitness) sneakers offer extreme daily comfort, style and many health benefits such as improved posture and circulation, reduced joint stress, and tighter adnominals, buttocks and thighs. My advice is to wear these sneaks as often as possible to add to your general  workout routine.

JCPenny jeans on clearance for $10 dollars (prior to JCP's new CEO implementing new strategy to rid frequent sales) paired with new Sketchers Shape-Ups.

Bargain jeans are comfortable and sensible. As mentioned, I got these jeans for $10 bucks on sale, down from $35. JCPenny clothes fit well and I routinely shop there for new flattering outfits at record prices. Until now. JCPenny's new marketing strategy makes every item one solid price with one monthly sale. A pair of jeans can be bought for $25 dollars. Call me cheap or on a budget but jeans are not deserving of that much hard earned cash.  JCP used to be my favorite store before this new pricing strategy was implemented. Sadly, my visit yesterday revealed nothing more than a lack of inventory, and higher prices. 
Ellen - The new spokesperson for JCPenny. 

I adore Ellen and I'm not sure of her involvement with JCP as of right now. JCP's new CEO Ron Johnson made the decision for their new marketing strategy. However, I do know that customers like getting a good deal and JCP this week was lacking in the good deal department. However, I have not yet observed JCP's monthly sale and will update on that at another time.

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